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작성일 23-12-05 01:02
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On the 25th, Kiwoom Securities lowered its target stock price to 20,000 won, believing that
Kangwon Land's third-quarter earnings will fall below market forecasts. Investment opinion buying was maintained.
Lee Nam-soo, a researcher at Kiwoom Securities, said, "Gangwon Land's third-quarter sales will be 365.7 billion won, down 8%
from the same period last year, and operating profit will fall 29.8% to 83.3 billion won,
falling below market forecasts," adding, "In the same period last year, social distancing was
not lifted and overseas travel was not in full swing, approaching the third quarter of 2019.
This year, it seems that rain fell for nearly 20 days a month in July, resulting in a decrease in travelers due to rain, he said.
The number of visitors in the third quarter is 635,000, down 2.9%
from the same period last year, and the drop amount (game chip exchange) is expected to fall 8.3% to 1.5325 trillion won.
The drop per person is also estimated to decrease by 5% compared to the previous quarter. In terms
of sales by sector, are expected to decrease 9.3% to 311.5 billion won compared to the same
period last year and increase 0.2% to 54.2 billion won. Although the water park has improved due to
the seasonal impact, the improvement in areas that reflect the overall reduction in guests, such as accommodation and golf, is expected to be relatively low.
The demand for public customer tables and slot machines is close to 100% compared to 2019, with 2.41 million
visitors expected this year. Researcher Lee said, "Although it is expected to decrease 17%
compared to 2019, the drop per person has improved 7% over the same period, defending its performance," adding,
"However, the drop per person is also expected to hit 2.39 million won in the third
quarter due to weak consumption explosions." The figure is down 5.7% from the same period last year, he said.
What is needed for earnings growth is a rebound in VIPs. Researcher Lee said, "The key to improving performance is the rebound of
VIP, which has decreased by 54% compared to 2019," and analyzed, "VIP seems to have decreased significantly
due to illegal activities and increased overseas travel." However, as VIP's basic performance contribution has been
confirmed due to similar levels of performance during COVID-19, the current decline seems to have reached a sufficient level.
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