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If you're connected to me, I'll give you a bonus

작성자 다정한이웃
작성일 23-12-05 17:15
조회 97회


The Gangwon Land Social Contribution Foundation has received great response by hosting the
"2023 Pneumoconiosis Disaster Recreation Program" on Jeju Island for three nights and four days for 200
people living in seven cities and counties in abandoned mines until October.

The "Pneumoconiosis Disaster Recreation Program," which has been in progress since 2015, is a
program that provides recreational travel for those who have difficulty traveling due to
pneumoconiosis and economic difficulties.
The Gangwon Land Social Contribution Foundation recruited a total of 200 participants this year with
recommendations from seven pneumoconiosis associations nationwide, and plans to start the first round on the
4th and run the program through October.
Pneumoconiosis victims who attend the recreation program will spend time healing
by experiencing Jeju attractions and tourist attractions such as eco-land, yacht tours, horseback riding
performances, and sandani forest roads.





Kim Chang-hyuk, head of Gangwon Land's media team, said, "We will proceed with the program in
consideration of the fact that the victims of the disaster are old and do not have many
opportunities to travel," adding, "We will try to make a comfortable and safe trip for the elderly by
accompanying nurses on all schedules in case of an emergency."

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