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What do you want to know about online games? Please contact me

작성자 다정한이웃
작성일 23-12-06 09:33
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The Gangwon Land Addiction Management Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) presented a
creative play for gambling addiction prevention by the theater company "Gwangbu House"
for workers in the meeting room of the Gangwon Land  headquarters on the 13th.

The performance was organized as part of employee training to promote social responsibility
of gambling industry workers through plays related to gambling addiction and to
publicize the risk of gambling addiction.
The play, titled "Sabuk Hyperbolic Curve,"
was newly planned and produced by the theater company "Gwangbu House" for training Gangwon Land employees.

The situation in which customers can fall into gambling addiction was organized in the form
of an episode to realistically describe the process of falling into gambling addiction and the importance of responsible gambling.
Gwangbu House, a theater company created by recoveries from quitting gambling,
has been operated as a club since 2015 and has been converted into
a social enterprise through the center's project to support recoveries.

In addition, it continues to be active by winning the Excellence Award at the Chuncheon Theater Festival in
2022 by continuing activities to prevent gambling addiction at local festival sites and welfare centers.





An official from the center said, "The center will actively support those who have decided to quit gambling
with difficulty, such as the house of extreme miners, so that they can successfully return to society," and added, "We also cooperate with related organizations to
support psychological counseling and physical health management for Sendando Beat, so we
hope that those who suffer from gambling addiction will knock on the center's door."
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